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foosball table for sale in new york For the purpose of this definition, the term “principal business purpose” shall mean the business purpose that constitutes 25 percent or more of the stock in trade of a particular business establishment. The stock in trade of a particular business establishment shall be determined by examining either: a the retail dollar value of all sexually oriented materials compared to the retail dollar value of all nonsexually oriented materials readily available for purchase, rental, view, or use by patrons of the establishment, excluding inventory located in any portion of the premises not regularly open to patrons; or b the total volume of shelf space and display area reserved for sexually oriented materials compared to the total volume of shelf space and display area reserved for nonsexually oriented materials. “Bavarian folk art,” also “bauernmalerei” which translates as “peasant painting” literally “farmer painting” in German. Bauernmalerei was known throughout central Europe starting in the early 1500s where it took various forms from simple, naive like decoration to more elaborate painting incorporating Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo design. Bavarian folk art is a style of art or design which evolved following the end of the feudal system of land ownership and incorporates traditional design elements and colors characterized by stroke work using a round brush to paint natural elements such as lilies, tulips, roses, daisies, cornflowers, fruit, leaves, and snail shells, mimic hard surfaces such as wood, stone, and marble, and decorative elements ornamentation such as scrolling. For purposes of this title, the term “Bavarian folk art” describes a style of art, graphics, or design that represents this style which was characterized during the 1500s to 1700s in Bavaria. “Commercial amusement enterprise” means a location where recreation activities take place. These activities can include but are not limited to stadium, arena, outdoor theater amphitheaters or outdoor music events, theme parks, equestrian facilities, rodeos, circuses, skateboard parks, race tracks, go karts, ATV or motorcycle tracks, and sports stadiums or arenas, bowling alley, dance hall, skating rink, archery club, gun club, private tennis club, private swimming club, or similar athletic club, batting cages, BMX courses, paintball and golf driving ranges. If these activities are an appurtenant use to another commercial use and will occupy less than 25 percent of the floor area of a business, they will not be considered a commercial amusement enterprise and will not require a conditional use permit. “Dwelling unit” means one or more rooms designed, occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters. A dwelling unit includes a single family dwelling, a unit in a two family dwelling/duplex, an apartment or other leased premises leased on a monthly or longer basis, or residential condominium unit.

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My husband had the butter toffee crunch and I had the Meyer lemon, both in Parfait’s homemade cones.

March 2007 February 2013 SkillsBusiness Innovation, Operations Management, Organization, Strategic Communications, Communication Skills, People oriented, Social Media, Microsoft Office, Consulting, Leadership, Marketing, Account Management, Event Planning, Google Adwords, PPC, Sales, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Customer Service, Online Advertising, Lead GenerationThis 50 room luxury inn is one of the most exclusive and expensive destinations in California wine country.

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Therefore our collective mark on the The study will include the protection of our natural aquatic environment is increasing.

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