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 The penalty for requesting another official while the ball is in play is a technical foul. The Head Official will decide whether the request for a new official will be granted. If the request is granted, the team requesting the official must pay the full cost of the new official. The two officials will then judge the match. An official may be replaced only at the discretion of the Head Official. If there are already two officials present, any request for a new official will be denied, and the team will be charged with a technical foul. A team may not switch positions during an official time out, unless they are otherwise entitled to do so see 12. Table Maintenance Any necessary table maintenance, such as changing balls, tightening the men, etc. , must be requested before the start of the match. The only time that a player may call a table maintenance time out during a match would be in the case of a sudden alteration to the table, such as a broken man, broken screw, crumbling bumper, bent rod, etc. If a player figure is broken while in contact with the ball, an official time out will be declared while the rod is fixed. adam schanz

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Any hesitation befor the pass and the pass shall be declared illegal.

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